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 Last update: 26/11/2003
What are these so called HIP Comics??

This site is a summarized version of the Dutch site wich deals with much more aspects of Dutch comic history. It’s purpose is to give surfers of the digital realms the opportunity to take a peek at the Marvel Silver Age in the Netherlands and other European countries.
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Bart “Bee” Bethlehem
Woops, what did they do??
One of the 4 redrawn FF covers.
The Dutch pages contain more info than this english version does. Dutch collectors can access info about titles, price indications, reprints, collecting comics, sales, background information etc. etc.
 Silver Age Marvel all over Europe!!
Silver Age Marvel Comics have a strikingly similar history all over Europe!
The Dutch HIP Comics are similar to the German HIT Comics.
It made me curious. Why are all these series so similar? I found out that National Periodical Publications (NPP) was behind all these comics in Europe. NPP published Detective Comics in the States, and later changed it's name to DC.
In Europe it started with Illustrated Classics being published by NPP through daughter publishers like Bildschriften Verlag (BSV) in Germany and Classics Nederland in the Netherlands. Later other series followed. Funny is the realisation that DC introduced -indirectly- Marvel Comics in Europe!!
DC and Marvel were the fiercest competitors in America... :)

Are there more European countries with a comparable comic history???
So far, I've been informed about:
Silver Age Marvel Comics in Sweden
Silver Age Marvel Comics in Denmark
Silver Age Marvel Comics in Finland
Silver Age Marvel Comics in Norway
Silver Age Marvel Comics in Italy
Silver Age Marvel Comics in England
Silver Age Marvel Comics in France

Aren't above similarities obvious? All yellow!
 Update News 26/11/2003
Fellow comic historian (ghehe) Björn Eklöf from Sweden sent me info about the Silver Age Marvels in Finland and Norway. I've added some info about Silver Age Marvel Comics in Engeland and France

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