Silver Age Marvels in England
Since National Periodical Publications (NPP, later DC) wasn't involved in the introduction of Marvel comics in England, there won't be any strange similarities between Marvel comic covers from England and Germany/the Netherlands/Finland/Sweden/Denmark.

Marvel was right from the start available in England. They were printed at the same time and place as their American counterparts and shipped overseas. The only differences were the price tag, which wasn't cents but pence and the "sell by" month which was removed since the comics reached the stores later. For more info about the British and American market, I can recommend this article.

The first Marvels published by British companies were reprints which started in 1967 in the so called Power Comics group, a quintet of magazines like POW, Fantastic,It's Terrific, Wham! and Smash!.

Soon these weekly magazines were forced to merge due to dropping sales.
Wham was incorporated by POW (January 1968). In february 1968 It's Terrific merged with Fantastic. In september 1968 POW was incorporated by Smash! A little later Fantastic got incorporated into Smash (november 1968) to form an unusually long named title of Smash And Pow incorporated Fantastic. This soon got changed to Smash incorporated Fantastic! and when IPC took over from Odhams Press on the 15th March 1969 the title reverted back to Smash again

In 1973 Spider-Man Comics Weekly started which ran for 666 (!!) issues.

Above info was mostly found at Comics UK! which proved to be a huge source of information with a fantastic cover gallery.

Pow No.1: 21st January 1967
Publisher: Odhams Press Ltd

Fantastic No.1: 18th February 1967
Publisher: Odhams Press Ltd

It's Terrific No.1: 15th April 1967
Publisher: Odhams Press Ltd
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