Silver Age Marvels in Finland
Info from Björn Eklöf

I've been doing research about our other nordic countries and their early marvel publishing.
Finland started the same year as Sweden, in 1967, with "Ihmesarja" (Finnish for "Marvelserien").
53 issues were published between 1967-70, considerably more than Sweden's 39 issues, but Finland only had Spider-man in 32 issues - the rest were filled with Fantastic Four, Avengers, Doctor Strange and others.
These issues are very hard to find, I haven't got any in my collection. Hämmästyttävä Hämähäkki means "The Amazing Spider". After that, Spider-man was not sighted in Finland - at least not as far as I know - until 1980, when "Hämähäkkimies" started. There's a good Finnish site which features all covers from 1980 to now. Here's the link:
From what I can see of the cover picture I've found, Finland has had the same cover design on their magazines as Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. I've also found information about the original comics published in the respective issues and they correspond to the Swedish issues, so there clearly was a co-operation between the countries.

Thanks to Björn's info, I searched a little further on the web and found a great link with many scans that look very familiar...

Thanks Björn !
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