Silver Age Marvels in France
Thanks to French publisher LUG Marvel comics were introduced in France with the magazines Marvel, Strange and Fantask. The two magazines Marvel (10 issues) and Fantask (7 issues) were shortrun because they were considered too violent for the French youngsters.

Strange started out in january 1970, a monthly publication of editions LUG. This series provided a strong foothold for Marvel in France. Each issue contained 4 or more Marvel stories. Initially the magazine was pocket sized and in black and white print. It soon changes it's format to comic sized and full colour pages (issue 11?). In it's long run it sees a few minor changes in cover format and subtitles but the formula remains the same.
In 1975 LUG started another magazine called Special Strange which ran for 115 issues.

After a decision made by Marvel the long-run magazine was cancelled in December 1996 with number 324.
After 4 months of silence Semic revived the magazine in may 1997 with DC (!!) heroes.

At Comics VF you'll find a complete index and cover Gallery of Strange and much more.

I was wondering what the strange name LUG meant. LUG's base of operations was Lyon. Lyon once was the capital of Lyonnaise, one of the divisions of the Roman Gaul, and then called Lugdunum. Lug was the Celtic sun god, and the suffix dun refers to an elevated place or a fortress. There you have it. Curiousity satisfied! :)

Fantask # 1: february 1969
Publisher: LUG

Stange # 1: january 1970
Publisher: LUG

Marvel # 1: april 1970
Publisher: LUG

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