Silver Age Marvels in Norway
Info from Björn Eklöf

In Norway publishing started in 1968, with four different magazines - Demonen (Daredevil), Edderkoppen (Spider-man), Fantastiske Fire (Fantastic Four) and Koloss (Hulk).
They were all published by Se-bladene, a company placed in Stavanger, and they all shared the same vignette in the upper left corner, a globe surrounded by a bond with the text "Rom-serien" and later "Strato-serien". This was just a vignette, the different comics were numbered individually.
The four first issues of each comic had the logo "Rom-serien". Later it was discovered that there already was a comic in Norway called Rom-serien, and the publisher was forced to change the logo. "Strato-serien" was the new name. This change was effective not only on the covers, but also in the advertisments, for legal rights reasons. That is why, from issues #5 and forward, there are ads for earlier comics where the logo says "Strato-serien" although that was not the logo when the comic was seen in the stands.

After 8 issues each, Edderkoppen and Koloss were cancelled. Fantastiske Fire was published with two more issues and included Edderkoppen in those, before that magazine also was cancelled. Demonen had two more issues in 1968, 5 issues in 1969 and 8 issues in 1970. Demonen included both Edderkoppen and Fantastiske Fire during the last years.
Norway's publishing is interesting because they from the start published the very first Marvel issues, the cover to Edderkoppen 1-68 is equal to Amazing Spider-man #1. They clearly had no cooperation with any other European country. I recently acquired three issues of the early Edderkoppen, numbers 5,6 and 7 from 1968. Those are the first I have ever seen from this time period in Norway. Maybe I paid a little too much for them but money is not important when it comes to rarities. Norway only has 5 million inhabitants, and the landscape with lots of mountains and roads that are difficult to travel probably makes the distribution a hard question. The sales figures can't have been half as much as they were in Sweden during the same time.

Thanks Björn !
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